Wednesday, August 17, 2005


It's Alive!

Finally this thing is showing some real progress! :) In the last couple of days I've successfully fixed both the "Score Reels From Hell" problem and "The Outhole Problem". Yey!

First one was due to massive layers of dust and grease on the score reels. What I did was take everything apart, clean off dust and grease, sand the bakelite disk with the brass contacts, adjust the switches, clean the plastic score drum with Novus 2, and put it all together again after testing all the contacts with a multimeter. After cleaning 10 out of 20 of them the SRFH problem was gone. I will do the last 10 when I get the courage.

The outhole problem was easy, and merely a bad adjusted switch and the fact that I didn't trip the outhole switch manually in place of a ball.

With both these problems fixed the reset sequence completes and a new game is started! After some initial problems with playfield logic it turned out that a couple of the switches on the score motor was way off, and after ajusting them most of the game logic seems to work. There are still some problems in the top eject area and with the extra ball setting, but I think I know how to fix it.

Next up is to clean and ajust the rest of the stepper units so that multiplayer action will work. Then maybe soon I can start som real playtesting with an actuall ball? :)

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